Joe Bowers

Joe Bowers is a Technical Generalist
joerbowers [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com | (828) 318-2444

Experience and Education

Senior Software Engineer

8/2015 - Present: CoreOS, Inc - San Francisco, CA

Go and Javascript, building user interfaces and the backends they run. Building great things, and a great business, with a great team!

Product Engineer

5/2012 - 7/2015: Mixpanel, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

Javascript, Python, Java for Android, C, and a wide variety of other platforms supporting Mixpanel's analytics reporting application and client libraries. Employee number ten.

Work included contributing to all parts of the platform, with emphasis on delivering a rich, simple and elegant experience to both end users and developers. In addition to my work on the product, I owned the Android, Ruby, server-side Java and Actionscript 3.0 client libraries, and I contributed in low level C to our in house analytics data storage engine.

Software Developer

6/2011 - 5/2012: Oracle Corporation - Redwood Shores, CA

Java, Javascript contributing to the rich Internet application framework underlying Oracle Fusion Applications.

Worked as part of a very large team, serving a very large customer base, contributing to a very large code base.

Developer (Front-End)

5/2010 - 5/2011: Livescribe, Inc. - Oakland, CA

Python, Javascript, Actionscript 3.0, Java development in support of a pen-and-paper-based mobile computing platform, with a team of eight.

Work included custom clients for third party web services using Adobe AIR and C++, mod-python based website and document localization framework.

Student, Multimedia Arts and Sciences

08/2002 - 12/2005: University of North Carolina at Asheville - Asheville, NC

B.A. awarded with distinction. One of my films got on TV.

Student, Computer Science and Mathematics

1996 - 1999: Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA

Wrote a macro processor for Verilog and VHDL using Perl/XS.

Student, Creative Writing and Mathematics

1994 - 1996: St. Andrews Presbyterian College - Laurenburg, NC

Creative writing and Honors scholarship recipient.


My personal projects include a pure-python library for LZW compression, an NMF feature extraction library in Clojure, A BSP-tree collision detector in Javascript, A lamp that uses the Go language to query a web analytics API to determine the color of its light, an animated short film, a power glove that makes music, and some videogames that play themselves.

You can learn more about these things on my web site, at