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I Make Things

I made a cool watch face for my fancy new Android Wear watch.

Programming is a form of time travel.

This old-timey lamp queries Mixpanel and determines what color to shine based on the results of the queries.

I built it with a Raspberry Pi, a fancy BlinkM MaxM, a ceiling lamp from the hardware store, and a cheap cigar box. The software that drives it is written in Go, and is up on github.

My friend Suhail accidently wrote this poem in a bug report:

On dissonance, harmony, surprise

It Works While You Sleep

Some video games that play themselves:

The ghost of Rygar, from the NES game, haunts this hex dump!

I just wrote a Clojure tool for approximate non-negative matrix factorization for feature extraction.

A very blurry image
A blurry image
A blurry image that you can recognize as the Mona Lisa
An image of the Mona Lisa, with some strange artifacts in it

I wrote lzw, a pure python module for lzw compression. You can browse the documentation here, or get the module for yourself at the python package index.

Slides for Javascript Makes me Happy, a talk introducing JavaScript as a Functional Language to (mostly) C# and Java programmers, that I presented at Codestock 2009

An excuse for an Binary Space Partition Tree in Javascript. Edit the code on the right to change the way the particles behave.

We roll HTML5-style up in here, please be advised

I wrote Some R code for generating factoradic representations of integers, and using those representations to generate permutations in a deterministic way.

Here is a simple, immutable heap in F#

I think random assignment is pretty close to magic.

I turned my shoulder bag into an evil robot with a lilypad arduino and some copper tape.

A simple C# class for binding nice colors to things you intend to use in a graph (or whatever.)

Here's version of TodBot's excellent little six line Arduino function for powering your WiiChuck (or anything else) using Arduino analog pins 2 and 3, annotated in painstaking detail

I wrote an iPhone app to unleash unknowable cosmic energies draw black dots on a yellow background, which look pretty cool on poorly lit video.

I think you probably shouldn't try to abstract away the web, and you definitely shouldn't try to abstract away the network.

I twitter intermittently, a phrase that sounds as if it was an elocution exercise, but is nonetheless true.

I made a couple of little animations a while back, like this one:

One of them even got on tv